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Spearpoint makes Nearshoring a seamless non-event in your supply chain.

As Mexico continues to grow in demand as a global sourcing location, many are tasked with finding the best way to leverage this nearshoring opportunity within their supply chain. At Spearpoint, we are your nearshoring supply chain experts with decades of experience in both Mexico and US transportation and logistics.


We have partnered with EASO, the leading Mexican company in the freight transport market, to provide a seamless supply chain service that will allow you to utilize DFW as your hub for Mexico business and take advantage of dedicated capacity, heavy loading capabilities, cost savings, and more, ultimately getting your product closer to your end customer. By nearshoring with Spearpoint and EASO, it’s easy to integrate your Mexico operations into your broader global business.


To learn more, view our informative presentations, available below in English and Spanish, and also reach out to

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